World's Best Portable Cooker
Now Available In Papua New Guinea
Makes Cooking Without Power...Possible.
Heat Stone For 30 mins
Put the hook on the end of your “Rock Handle” through the eye in the stone to lift and place it on a heat source. Simply heat the stone over a fire or solar panel with the food in your vessel. The stone for the Rock Pot should be heated for 30-35 minutes with a hot heat source. 
Place Your Stone & Food In Your RockPot
Using the Rock Handle lift the heated stone into the bottom for the cooker. Immediately place the vessel with the prepared food onto the stone and cover it with the lid. This will begin the cooking process.
Cook Food For Up To 8+ hours
Once your food is cooked, lift and use the handles on the top of the RockPot to carry it on the go! 

The RockPot Stone Can Be Heated 3 simple ways.

Heat the stone over a stove, fire or solar cooker

The Natural Way To Cook On The Go. 
You can cook your desired meals all in 1 pot. RockPot is perfect to cook endless types of food such as rice, potatoes, soup, meat, vegetables and more!

Perfect for Camping, Tracking, Traveling, etc.
Cook Anytime, Anywhere!

Heat Your Stone In 3 Simple Ways 

Heat Your Stone Over A Stove, Fire or Solar

Everything You Need To Cook On The GO
- 1 Rockpot 7 Liter
- 1 RockPot Stone 
- 1 Stone Hook
- 1 Vessels w/Lid 
- 1 Cooking Rack
Durable Stainless Steel & 100% Leakproof  
"This product has forever changed how we cook our food."
Angel Devi
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